The Wendens Ambo Society (a registered charity) sponsored the first FOWAC Fruit and Veg Show on Saturday, 12 September.  The event was open to everyone and featured a variety of competitions – garden produce, baking and children’s craft.  Entries were welcomed from 10 am to 11.45 am. Cost 25p per entry.

10.00am to 12.00       Submission of entries
12.00 noon                  Judging followed by viewing
12.00 noon                  BBQ (burgers, sausages including vegetarian and gluten free) /Beer/ Wine/ non-alcoholic Refreshments
3.00pm                        Fruit & Veg Prize Giving, WAS Photography Competition Prize Giving

Entry Fee:         25p per entry per class
Venue:              village hall car park

This was the inaugural Wendens Ambo fruit and veg show.  The Wendens Ambo Society Photography Competition photographs was on display and the prizes given out.

All money raised on the day will go to FOWAC (a registered charity) for the upkeep of Wenden church and churchyard.


  • All classes open to all Wendeners unless specified
  • Entries to be from own garden/allotment or village verges


        1. Longest Runner Bean
        2. Largest Onion
        3. Heaviest Courgette
        4. Longest Courgette
        5. Largest Potato
        6. Longest Carrot
        7. Other vegetable – anything else you would like to show


      1. Largest Apple (size, not weight)
      2. Selection of three apples
      3. Selection of any other fruit – min. 3 /max 5

      Flowers and Foliage:

      1. Arrangement of five stems of same flower
      2. Arrangement of any flowers / foliage in a teacup
      3. Arrangement of herbs in a jam jar


      1. Homemade Scotch Eggs (2 per entry). Open to men only
      2. 3 cheese scones as per recipe (see last page). Open to women only

      Under 16 years old Classes:
      This will be in two age groups

      • Up to and including 10 years old
      • 11 to 16 years old inclusive
      1. “Veggie Creature” to be made of any vegetables up to max dimension 0.5metre cube. Vegetables can be from any source
      2. A miniature garden. No larger than a seed tray
      3. Up to 3 cupcakes on a plate. Decoration of own design
      4. Painted Stone

      These will be small tokens only. This event is for the fun of it and pride. Children will win a few sweets. If this event is repeated in the future, we’re sure that fun prizes can be developed like only Wendens knows how.